Between the shelves

You can call us Simo and Brebe, as all of our friends call us.

We love all things that have a history engraved on their fibre. Objects, gadgets, statement pieces that have been previously used, touched, cherished and admired. We think that they need to be put into spotlight once again, and this is why we love to dig for them in car boot sales, vintage markets, charities, from local and independent craftsmen, and share them with you through our little website. This shop was opened from a deep care for all above and an eagerness to assemble everything into one special gift, which will give objects life and a story.

We also believe in the power of gifts, those that need thought, planning, love and care for the person that will receive it, and not lastly, inspiration, to be put together. We assemble bits and pieces that will bring together in one box joy and wonder. Gifts that are not perfect, but which contain essence of what your loved or cherished ones will appreciate and love. We like to believe that we can bring diversity and curiosity into a fast paced world where even gifts tend to get standardised. Our history is also kept in the objects we like and admire, and there is no greater joy than sharing these.

And we love friends. Friends that inspire, share, love and suffer with us. They are at the bottom of what motivates and excites us.

Our products are not perfect, but they are definitely unique, as our friends, with different personalities, intelligence and a strong sense of humour. Our gifts are ideas, out of the blue inspiration, and objects matched to carry a signification or the feel of a different time.

Apart from what is on offer, or even for those in the catalogue, feel free to contact us and let us know what you would like or dream of. We don’t have super powers, but we might find a bit of magic somewhere and turn it into a gift.


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