Classic beauty – Vintage Minolta XG-S SLR

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Beautiful classic SLR Minolta XG-S film camera with bright 1:1.4 50mm lens and Minolta Auto 128 flash, tested with batteries, in good working condition. We did not test the camera with film, and we will ship with batteries for both camera and flash included. Also included will be the lens cap and neck strap. Please ask for additional photos if needed, and ask any questions.

Out of stock

Product Description

The XG-S is the third or fourth camera released by Minolta of their XG series of cameras. The camera has either an aperture priority or a full manual mode. When on aperture priority, you set the aperture and the camera would choose the shutter. While on this mode, you can see the red LED reading of the shutter speed that is being chosen by the XG-S. Feeling lightweight even at 500g, this is a good shooter paired with a fast 1:1.4 50mm lens. Its shutter speeds are from 1 – 1/1000 seconds with a Bulb mode. It uses two 1.5v batteries in which are easily available. The viewfinder is great compared to other SLRs with its 93% coverage and 0.9 magnification. Minolta XG-S shows the aperture set on the lens through a periscope system, providing a full information viewfinder when set to auto-exposure mode. The metering system is switching off when the camera is set to manual control.

This black version of the XG-S is well built, stealthy, and smooth looking. It works great with aperture priority, although a fairly usable shooter as well on manual mode.

If charged too much after checking with the post office, will always refund any additional postage paid.

Specifications for Minolta XG-S
Marketed : 1979
Sensitivity ISO: 25 – 1600
Shutter speeds : B, 1 – 1/1000 s
Exposure Modes : M, A
Exposure Compensation : ± 2 EV
Exposure Metering Range : 2 – 17 EV
Viewfinder Coverage : 93 %
Viewfinder Magnification : 0.9 x
Depth of Field Preview : +
Self-timer : 10 (s)
X-sync : 1/60 (s)
Power source : 2x 1.5V
Dimensions : 138 x 88 x 52 mm
Weight : 500 g