Perfect Starter SLR – Revue SC3 Film Camera

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If you ever wanted to get into film photography, here is a perfect chance. A very nice Revue SC3 SLR that comes with a rare Revue Date back so that you can record your memories straight on the photo.

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Product Description

Mechanically camera is fully working, and also tested with batteries for both the Revue Date back and for the meter. We did not test the camera with film.

The camera is easy to use and there’s also a light meter to help you with exposures. It’s all manual, so you have to set the shutter speed and aperture by yourself. 3 LEDs of metering are mounted on the left side of viewfinder frame, indicating over (red), right (green) and under (red) exposure from top to bottom. Press the shutter button half way to activate the exposure meter, the LEDs will be off after ~13 s. The light meter is power by 2 V76PX cell batteries.

Shutter speeds go from 1 second to 1/1000 of a second, there’s also bulb mode for long exposures. Self-timer, tripod thread, cable release thread, and flash hot-shoe are there as well. You can set you film speed from ISO 25-1600.

This camera comes with a bright Revuenon 50mm f1.9 lens. If you like filters you can use 49mm filters in front of this lens, and we are throwing in a yellow filter with this one. Revue SC3 also has a Pentax K lent mount, so plenty of options if you want additional lenses. Its focusing screen is of horizontally-split image with microprism collar.

Any questions please ask.

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