The Student Camera – Lovely Minolta SRT 100X

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Sturdy, beautiful, classic and straight from the 1970s…what more could you ask from vintage film camera? Maybe just to have been kept in a great condition. For which our Minolta SRT100X camera is ticking the box.

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Product Description

Camera comes with a Rokkor 50mm/1:2 Lens, cap for the lens, and a leather neck strap. We are throwing in a nice vintage leatherette camera bag, originally belonging to the Kodak line of instant cameras.

This camera is perfect as an entry level film SLR, but its performances clearly match even a pro level. For example, this edition has Minolta’s ‘Contrast Light Compensator’ (CLC), which monitored the brightest and darkest parts of the scene, evening out the contrast between shadows and highlights. It meant more shadow detail was kept. The CLC system means the camera will help even out the exposure in heavily contrasting scenes, which is of real help if you’ve not had much experience with film. The match needle metering works in the way that if the “needle” is within the “circle” in the viewfinder, the camera thinks you have the correct exposure.

Minolta SRT100X is a fully manual camera, works without any batteries. The small battery that we fitted with the camera is only for the metering. We put it as a model, and whilst the battery still works, might need replacing soon.

Camera is tested for functionality and everything works great. We haven’t tested it with film. Please ask any additional questions.

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Type: SLR body
Film type: 35mm film with speeds ISO 12 to ISO 6400
Lens mount: Minolta SR mount, with depth of field preview button
Shutter: mechanical focal plane cloth shutter, speeds 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. plus B
Metering: CLC type (Contrast light compensator) CdS meter, needle-and-clockhand-matching instrument visible through finder
Viewfinder: Pentaprism viewfinder with split image focusing aid in the middle of the matte screen
Film advance: rapid advance lever with little film advance control window on top, advances film and cocks shutter, rewind unlock button in bottom and rewind knurl on top