Amazing Olympus XA3 Vintage Film Compact Camera

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Now this is an iconic camera with a really special design, the clam door, first introduced by Olympus. It is instantly recognised and appreciated by all film shooters.

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Product Description

Comes in beautifully crafted wooden box with padded interior, so it can be presented as a beautiful gift to your special one. Also, has a hand strap and the powerful and useful A16 flash.
Camera has been tested for functions and works great. It is not film tested.

The Olympus XA3 is really a slightly updated version of the XA2 which has received some useful extra features: backlight compensation setting on the battery test / self timer lever, 1600 ASA manual film speed setting and automatic DX film speed setting if you use DX coded film. The backlight compesation adds about half a stop extra exposure to the programmed setting determined by the camera’s metering system so that when you are photographing a backlit or light background subject the shot is not underexposed.

Any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

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Specs for Olympus XA3 Made in Japan courtesy of
Camera Type: 35mm EE zone focusing camera with between-the-lens shutter
Film Format: 24x36mm
Lens: Olympus Zuiko 35mm f/3.5
Focusing Range: 1 m to infinity
Shutter Speeds: Automatic programmed aperture & speed selection
Exposure Meter Type: Single CdS cell located above the lens element. Programmed aperture & speed selection
Film Speed Range: ISO 25 (DIN 15) to ISO 1600 (DIN 32)
Viewfinder Information: Brightline frame, No parallax correction mark
Focusing System: Zone focusing by slider control
Synchronization & Flash: Built-in “X” synchronization for dedicated A11 flashgun
Loading Film: Standard 35mm 135 loading
Advance Film: Thumb wheel, Built-in double exposure prevention
Self Timer: Yes
Battery: Two 1,35 volt Mercury batteries PX675 – or 675ZA (1.4v Zinc Air) or AG13/357 silver oxide
Dimensions: 103 w X 65 h X 40 d mm
Weight: 230 g