Journey with the beautiful vintage Ricoh 500 G camera

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Everybody loves classic film photography for its warm touches and because it gives you time to think before you take a photo.

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Product Description

Step back to the 70’s for some fun and heart felt photography with this classic Ricoh 500 G rangefinder film camera. Included is a neck strap, lens cap, the manual of the camera, some official papers and everything comes in a nice cardboard box.

Camera has been tested with film and produces great results, we can provide photo examples if requested. Everything works perfectly. The only small issue is that the light seals are sticky, but there is no light leak. They can be easily replaced.

Thank you and enjoy!

PS: A few specs for the camera taken from

Produced 1972 Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd (mfg. subsidary of Ricoh Co., Ltd., Japan)
Film type 135 (35mm)
Picture size 24mm x 36mm
Weight 14.8oz (420g)
Lens Ricoh Rikenon 40mm 1:2.8-16
Filter size 46mm
Focal range .9m to infinity
Shutter mechanical shutter
Shutter speeds 1/8-1/500
ASA 25-800
Viewfinder coupled rangefinder
Exposure meter lens mounted CdS with viewfinder needle (aperture)
Battery originally 1.3v PX675 mercury – can be used with 1.4v hear aid battery easy to be found at chemist
Hotshoe and PC Sync (syncs at any speed but 1/125-1/500 recommended)