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In the shade you will discover a wooden box filled with games from old. A perfect and beautifully presented gift for those who love a good game in the afternoon.

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Product Description

The 28 pieces pink marble Dominoes set is in wonderful condition, with all pieces being intact. The piece have a metal ball bearing, and are housed in same pink marble box imitating an oversize domino piece. It is a very cool set indeed, both realistically and figuratively speaking. And heavy as well…

The vintage Waddington’s playing cards are in their original box, and still sealed. The soft paper like marbled pattern cover has a bit of a rip, it can be seen in photos. Cards were meant to be the Welsh Bridge Union Congress Prize, as written on the inside of the box. They depict a riding lesson painting.

Both games come in a lovely and sturdy wooden box, which has some marks of usage.