Konica Pop… not by Warhol

A camera born in 1982, who could well have been branded by Andy Warhol himself, taking into consideration the array of bright powerful colours in came in: red, blue, yellow, green, khaki, pink and even the normal white, metallic silver and black. But it seems that the POP name comes just from the pop-up flash. That’s good enough, but why not dream as well…as per below photo of Warhol with Konica C35, a predecessor, and with a classic Polaroid SX-70, another darling of ours (soon a post about it as well, stay tuned).

warhol konica c35 and polaroid sx 70

A success when launched, Konica Pop sold about 1,5 million camera, and was reissued in 1985, but without the Hexanon name on lens. Find your lovely red Konica Pop in our shop, coming in a great combo with purse and photo album.

Bright, catchy, fun and brilliant, Konica Pop will sure be a conversation starter and great way to sun up your day.

konica pop green

konica pop yellow

Find a great and enthusiastic review of the camera here: http://www.lomography.com/magazine/reviews/2011/07/05/konica-pop-the-ikonic-a-colour-machine

And some technical details for those of you a bit more geeky (taken from here: http://saturatedimagery.co.uk/cameras/konica-pop/):

Shutter: Behind the lens leaf shutter, fixed speed at 1/125s.

Lens: 36mm Hexanon. 4 elements in 4 groups. Fixed focus at a focal point of 9.2ft (2.8m). Camera to subject distance 5ft (1.5m) to infinity*.

Aperture: Automatically switched – f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16. At ISO 100 – f/8 ordinary mode, f/4 flash mode, f/8 flash close up mode. At ISO 200 – f/11 ordinary mode, f/5.6 flash mode, f/11 flash close up mode. At ISO 400 – f/16 ordinary mode, f/8 flash mode, f/16 flash close up mode.

Film Speed: Set using Aperture – ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400.

Viewfinder: Brightline viwfinder with parallax compensation marks (5ft, 1.5m) 0.46x magnification. Low light indicator in viewfinder.

Flash: Pop-up Electronic Flash, camera to subject distance 6.6-16ft (2-5m). Close distance compensation distance button for 5ft (1.5m). GN 14m at ISO 100**. Recycle time 7m (alkaline batteries), 250 flashes from battery.

Power: 2x AA 1.5v Batteries.

Film Wind: Top Lever one action (132°)

Film Rewind: Crank Handle.

konica pop manual


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  • Brian Stott

    I have a Konica Pop Auto Date camera, inside the case is a reminder to replace the Auto Date battery after 91/8. My questions are what type is the required battery and where is it situated in the camera?
    Brian Stott


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