Pieces of the 80’s in a charming indie flick

From the vaults of BBC Iplayer, a favourite of ours, we discovered the Black Balloon, a touching Australian movie about dealing with being a teenager, having an autistic brother, and falling in love. Plus having a pregnant mother. It sounds like too much in one plot line, but actually everything is pieced together nicely, and the movie flows like the summer days, punctuated by violent storms.

Besides the good and natural¬†story line, the good performances of the cast, and the touching subject, the film is set in the 80’s and has a great display of retro cool stuff, which we couldn’t help but notice.

* Chopper bicycle, assorted with cool pink helmet


* Mighty SNES, smashed in a crazy scene


* And the mighty 80’s shorts, in different colours


A great indie feature, equally funny and moving, and full of summer warmth. Highly recommended.


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