Revising the 90’s through cult series Twin Peaks

Being kids at the beginning of the 90’s, we caught glimpses of Twin Peaks when it was in its major and fascinating glory. We caught glimpses of scary images between our parents fingers, because we used to take their hand to cover or eyes when things got chillier. And we were left with a longing feeling for a mysterious and wonderful place, that we couldn’t fully comprehend at that time.

And it seems that the power of Twin Peaks was strong on many other people’s mind, that during all this 24 or 25 years since it ended, it keeps our imagination working.

Several pages on facebook like Welcome to Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks Art, Twin Peaks Lovers, or Twin Peaks Festival, plus a brilliant page dedicated entirely to the show, and even full of animated little characters from the series, Welcome to Twin Peaks, are all keeping the flame alive, the famous “fire walk with me” catch phrase. And then it came something everybody dreamt of for decades…the show will be back in 2016, all directed by David Lynch, and written my Mark Frost. How cool is that, to catch the series at the beginning when you were a kid, and revise it + see the new one when you are fully grown adult? Pretty amazing.

And to celebrate this legacy from the 90’s, we’ve put together some pictures of amazing things people were creating during the years, just to fill in the gap left by the unexpected ending after 2 series. Most of the photos are from Welcome to Twin Peaks, we give them all credits.

The awesome t shirt, coffee scented:


The jazz reinterpretation of the hypnotic soundtrack, with a cool cover design, by Bookhouse band:


The wooden mini scene of Jimmy Scott singing Sycamore trees in the movie Twin Peaks – Fire walk with me:


Two of the most beloved characters, Audrey and Dale Cooper, always flirting:



The 90’s game that never was:


The girls of Twin Peaks as 50’s pin ups:


The tape…the Dale Cooper tape, talking to Diane. A rare artefact:

Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper - Cover (1)

Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper - Tape Side 2

The Polaroid:

twin peaks

The graphic poster, full of symbolism:


The Welcome to Twin Peaks project, incorporating the vinyl with the soundtrack in real life scenery:


And a reinterpretation of the main musical theme, on cello:


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