Mancunian musical legacy

Just because it is Manchester related, and we love to dance to it, and also because Peter Hook And The Light are keeping the flame alive and will have a full New Order’s Low Life and Brotherhood gig at the Ritz in their home town, we want to share this classic with you..and just a hint of the lyrics:

Hello, everyone, it’s nice to be here
I’ve come so far to see you all…

Check out Hooky’s website for next gigs:,  and see you at the Ritz! We’ve seen them at Barrow in Furness playing both Joy Division’s albums in full, and they are brilliant..old school type of concert with hours of great music. Two photos below from the gig, and we’ll leave you with the song.

IMG_0011   IMG_0015

The bass line can still deliver with joy and sweat.

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