There is a land far away from Europe, but also far away back in time, when things used to be slower and people were fascinated by TV as the only in house entertainment and connection with outside world. We are swamped today with all kind of screens with internet connection, and the TV in the old sense, when it had a few channels to choose from, seems already somehow antiquated.

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Simone Lueck, with her series Cuba TV brings back a long forgotten charm, the one of the main apparatus of the house. The images are saturated in colours, the houses of the people are poor but welcoming, and retro seems to be the word of the day when we think of Cuba. Castro and baseball, cigars and Oldsmobile, rum and Hemingway.

Read the full story of Simone’s TV journey here and here.

We are putting the gloves on, and going to Havana in style, towards a fascinating past.


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…with our darling favourite, Trust. Moody and dark, but with pulsating beats and sweaty, decadent string of melody. Add a heavily distorted voice, and we are set for a night to remember, in which all of our hidden emotions are dancing out, in a mist of bodies and stage generated smoke. A night like the one we had earlier this year, on 20th of May, in XOYO, London.

Cover photo taken from here.